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The Writers Room

This is a collection of screenplays written by me. Once upon a time there were many more of these. They were lost when my hard drives were stolen. All of my work gone in a flash. With nothing to show after years of creating as a budding young writer, I was forced to start over. I decided then that what matters most is to keep writing. It is an honor to be able to do so.  

Depave Comedy Garden_2019_WEB Small.jpeg

Depave Comedy Garden

The Comedy Garden is an annual fundraiser in support of Depave a nonprofit based in Portland, Oregon. 

 "They Won!"
A Blazers sketch

This sketch is a homage to the city of Portland. 

They Won.jpeg
Curious COMEDY.jpg

Thank You 10

Thank you 10 is the first episode of an infotainment comedy series written for Curious Comedy theater. 

Thank You 10 

Episode 2 

The second installment for the Infotainment series written for Curious Comedy. 



Inspired by the film paranormal activity. This screenplay was the first to earn me a profit and the first to be published. 

VORTEX MAG 2014.webp

A New Leaf

The original version of the first screenplay I've written. The short film was produced in 2013.



A full length feature with action and suspense. 

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