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Acting for the Camera

Ongoing Performance & Scene Study

  • Zoom Class

Service Description

This is a weekly, 2 hour, on going virtual acting class where you will work with scripts from Film & TV. Occasionally we will work with plays as well. We focus on all aspects of the actors' work including character development, relaxation, emotional stakes, presence, story, and more.  Why Acting Training is Essential for Performers: * Acting training provides performers with essential skills and techniques to bring characters to life, express emotions authentically, and captivate audiences with compelling performances. *Through acting classes, performers develop confidence, self-awareness, and empathy, enabling them to inhabit a wide range of characters and portray diverse experiences and perspectives. *Acting training fosters collaboration, creativity, and personal growth, empowering performers to navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry with professionalism, resilience, and integrity. Why Attend an Online Class: *Online classes offer convenience and flexibility, allowing performers to access high-quality training from anywhere with an internet connection and at times that fit their schedule. *Online classes provide access to top-notch instructors and training opportunities without the need for travel or relocation, making it easier for performers to continue their education and pursue their artistic aspirations. *Online classes foster a sense of community and connection among performers from diverse backgrounds and locations, creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment conducive to growth, exploration, and artistic expression. Note: Acting for the Camera is an ongoing, virtual class. New students can enroll at the beginning of each session. New sessions start in the first week of the month and meet weekly for 4 weeks. Joining Acting for the Camera means you are signing up for membership which renews at the beginning of each month. To request a cancellation to membership send an email to with the word "Cancellation" in the subject line. Cancellation request must be made 72 hours before the next session begins. (See class schedule). Requests made within 72 hours are subject to a drop class fee of $112.

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